Custom Goldsmithing and Repairs

Fine Gold, Platinum and diamond custom jewellery designs from Sven and Erik Sandberg in downtown Kelowna at #5-3151 Lakeshore Road

Jewellery design and creation in Platinum, Gold, and Silver
Canadian Diamonds
GIA & AGS Certified Diamonds available
Gemstones(Rubies,Emeralds,Sapphires & many more)
Custom one-on-one consultation
Industry Experts to answer all your questions properly
Ring sizing
All Jewellery repairs
Watch batteries
Stone setting
Gemstone re-cutting
Free jewellery cleaning
Exotic mineral display specimens
Bring in your own design and we can make it!

We can pretty much create any design you can think of! We invite you to visit. You will not be disappointed!

Fine jewellery is meticulously hand crafted, using techniques and tradition handed down from generation to generation!

 When making a piece of jewellery, every detail is important. The jewellery of royals and antiquity have forever relied on expert craftsmen to produce gifts of status and affection. We guarantee the finest quality jewellery that you will not find in commercial stores.

We create our jewellery from a raw piece of gold, platinum or silver and file, hammer, and shape each piece. Gemstones are then placed and anchored into their final resting place by hand.
 Unique design and style will grace any piece you get custom made by our goldsmiths.

Our store is located in the tourist district of Kelowna, BC Canada. We also offer unique jewellery from other designers that will satisfy all budgets.

When you need an expert to repair or create a family heirloom our staff will care for your jewellery with complete professionalism. Sentimental value is an intrinsic value of a jewellery gift and you can rely on us to return your repair with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are only showing you a fraction of our jewellery here.

Click the contact us link and one of our staff will contact you and answer any questions you have. We will be delighted to work with you over the internet, by emailing or faxing designs and pictures to ensure you are comfortable purchasing from your home town.